Summer Trends Buying Guide for Your Little Fashionista!

Friday, April 28, 2017

The weather is becoming more consistently warm here now which means it's time to break out the summer clothes! I've started pulling Daphnie's summer wardrobe up from the basement, sorting through it and deciding what still fits and if it is 'her style' anymore. {I don't remember having any style when I was her age!} The first time I remember caring about my style was in the 4th grade. I had class with a girl who had the coolest clothes, we were instant best friends. {We formed the Spice Girls club together...annnnd ya...blonde hair...I was Baby Spice.}  
We were the coolest...

My daughter has way more style than I had. Ever. And with such style comes the desire for lots of new clothes. So I thought I would put together a guide for what she is loving this season and where she loves to shop the most!

summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion

1. Overalls
There is nothing cuter than overalls right now. I'm loving the skirt overalls and short-alls. Check out these cute styles!

little girl outfit idea fashion shortall skirtall overall shorts skirt summer
Abercrombie Kids Forever 21 Target

2. Off-the-Shoulder Tops
I am loving the off-the-shoulder trend this season, and Daphnie is not any different! Here are a few styles she recently picked out:
little girl fashion summer off the shoulder dress abercrombie joyfolie
Abercrombie Kids Joyfolie Children's Place

summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion

3. Shoes
Shoes are Daphnie's favorite. Her shoe collection is insane. I am incredibly jealous. Fashion sneakers, glitter, metallics and strappy sandals are among her favorite trends.
little girls shoes sandals wedges sneakers vans glitter fringe
Joyfolie Target Vans

4. Swim Suits
If your child is anything like mine, she lives in her swimsuits all summer. Even when it's rainy outside, she will swim through the house in nothing but her 'kini! {she may literally be part mermaid} Ruffles, skirts and fun patterns {like cactus!} are so cute!
summer fashionista swimsuit swim bikini kini girls little
Tutu Du Monde Stella Cove at Nordstrom H&M

summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion

5. Accessories
No outfit is complete without as many accessories as you can possibly put on at a single time...I tend to have to limit Daphnie on her accessories as she likes to go overboard. But she has so many adorable accessories, who wouldn't want to wear all of them at once! Sunnies, Jewelry and #unicorneverything!
summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion accessories necklace sunnies unicorn
Modern Queen Kids Abercrombie Kids Forever 21

I hope this helps you when you're out shopping for your little love this summer!
Happy Shopping!

summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion

summer trends guide outfits little girl fashionista fashion


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