Easter Gift Guide 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
If you are a busy mom like me there is a chance that Easter has totally snuck right up on you and you are scrambling to get some ideas together for your kiddos Easter baskets! {Please tell me I'm not the only one.} So as I'm shopping around online for some ideas and to make a shopping list I thought I'd put together this mini post to share with you some of my ideas!

Easter Bunny Dress Basket 2017

Daphnie is almost 7 years old {her birthday is next month! ahhhhhhhh I am so far behind on party planning!}. She is all over the place as far as what toys she likes.  American Girl™ is always a favorite. Every time she gets her allowance saved up she wants to go straight to the American Girl™ store. Since I have no time to get to the AG store, I will end up ordering on Amazon. {gotta love that 2-day shipping!}

 Daphnie got one of the Wellie Wishers™ Dolls from Santa this year and she loves it. If you haven't seen them yet, they are smaller than the original 18-inch AG dolls. She loves their books and the stories they have, so I will definitely be adding to her collection for Easter. We will also be going on a spring break road-trip East next week, so a new book will be great for the ride!

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  Here are my top picks for American Girl™ items!

If your kids are anything like mine, they are all about blind bags! Daphnie went through the whole Shopkins™ craze, since then she has moved onto NumNoms™ which are so cute! If I were to play with toys, these would definitely be the ones I'd choose, they are so cute and smell delicious! These will make great filler items in her Easter Basket!

There is one final thing I want to include in her Easter Basket and that is one of these 'adult coloring books' I'm not sure what makes them more adult than child, but Daphnie loves them. She has one that I take with us everywhere in my purse and she loves it! I figure I'll grab another one that we can keep in the car for road trips!

Hopefully this helps some of the last-minute moms out there like myself!

 Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Dress Basket

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