About Me

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hello! My name is Amanda and I am the mom/author/photographer behind 
DaphniePearl.com! I am a full time {working from home} career mom with a demanding job as VP of Software and Application Development at a global financial organization. 

Daphnie Pearl is my daughter, my best friend, a professional model, future engineer , competition cheerleader and my number one muse. She keeps us busy and our lives exciting!

I decided to start this blog in April 2017 as a way to document Daphnie’s modeling career, but it has grown into more than that and encompasses our lives and lifestyle with an emplasis on mom life, fashion and technology.

As a mom with a STEM career, and a love of clothes and fashion, I want to break the stereotypes and molds put around women and girls that tell us that we can’t be both smart and pretty/fashionable. You can be both!

My daughter, and mini-me is following my footsteps and loves science and technology, but also loves fashion, clothes and shoes. I do not want the world to shame her for wanting to be pretty, and wear great clothes or tell her she can’t be smart because she is a model. 

I cannot wait to share this journey with my mini by my side! I hope you all love following along too!

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