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Friday, April 07, 2017

Hello! I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself as the author of this blog. The blog is going to be mostly centered around Daphnie and her adventures along with our family and our lives. My name is Amanda, I am 29 years old {still not 30!}, and I am a full time mom with a very demanding full time job, wife, photographer, chauffer, social media manager, momager and now blogger! {yay!}

If you have a child yourself {or even married to a semi-needy man (um, or woman or whatever your significant other identifies as - is 'person' an acceptable word?)} you are probably familiar with sacrafice and giving your all to your children {or man-child (*person-child)}. Thankfully my man-child honestly isn't terribly needy. My child-child on the otherhand takes up most of my time and energy on any given day and without breaking stride. Daphnie is kinda my main obsession, my muse, mini-me, shopping buddy, bestie, and little love. She brings so much joy to our lives, I literally couldn't imagine life without her.

What defines me? Who am I? Exhausted...that's for sure. I only have one child, I don't know how moms with more than one do it. They literally must have super-powers...speaking of, we should go see the new Power Rangers movie this weekend.

ADD - I obviously have ADD-

Me. I am a wife, blissfully married to the man of my dreams for 5 years this year! I'm sure the hubbers will make his way into my blogs eventually, he's definitely blog-worthy and quite handsome if I do say so myself. Daphnie is purely enchanted by her daddy, they are something special. She is 100% convinced that she will marry her Daddy when she is older. {She told me I can be the babysitter...I now see where I lie in priority...} lol

I am VP, Applications Development Technical Specialist. That basically means I am a computer nerd. Seriously though, I lead a team of software developers, lots of code writing, hackathon attending and climbing that grueling corporate ladder. I {mostly} love my job.

Like any other stressed and exhausted mom, I live on coffee. Lots of coffee. I love coffee. I also love photography. {there's that ADD again} Daphnie is my main subject and she loves the spotlight. She flourishes in it. I just started with a DSLR camera about two years ago. I've taught myself how to use Photoshop. I love learning. I made all of the graphics on this blog myself after I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator, it was my first time in the application and I'm kinda proud of all of these rose-gold foil graphics. {*insert self back-pat here*}

 I am probably most known as Daphnie's mom though. Whether I'm shuffling her to bookings, casting and auditions in Chicago or New York, rushing to cheer class or hip-hop, breaking out the camera for quick photo-ops, attempting to entertain her 1st grade class as a room mom, or interacting with all of the wonderful friends I have made on Daphnie's instagram - I am mostly known as 'Daphnie's mom' and to be honest, that is perfectly fine with me. She is something special and I could not be more proud.

I think that is enough about me. I'd love to hear all about you! Leave me a comment or send me an email! Oh and don't forget to subscribe if you want to stick around to see the exciting experiences that await my little family as we follow miss Daphnie on the incredible adventure that is her little life.

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