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About Me

Hello! This is a blog following the adventures of Daphnie Pearl, written and managed by yours truly, the person lucky enough to be called Mom by this incredible child.

Daphnie is 6 years old. She has always been the sweetest most adorable little thing! She has always stood out with her bright blonde hair and huge blue eyes! 

We started Daphnie's Instagram account when she was just four years old, mostly to just post her adorable outfit of the day. Eventually that grew and now we are approached by major brands to collaborate on various posts.

When she was 5 years old Daphnie was booked for Petite Parade, a major children's runway show in New York City through a few wonderful people that we met on Instagram. It was our first time to the city and we immediately fell in love. 

Shortly after that Daphnie was signed by Ohlsson Model & Talent agency for both the Midwest/Chicago and New York City regions. It has been an amazing experience so far and we have learned a lot! 

This blog will follow Daphnie though modeling, fashion and inspiration, interior design, dance/cheer and whatever else may fit at the moment! 

We hope that you enjoy reading and keeping up with us! 

p.s. Instagram is our go-to social media platform, we interact with friends, family and fans there more than other platforms. 

Popular posts from this blog

DIY Hairstyle Ideas {That Take Less Than 10 Minutes}

I am always looking for new ways to do Daphnie's hair! It is so long and especially during the summer I try to keep it up and out of her face. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite styles. Let me know what you think! Should I start doing hair tutorials? Which one do you want to see done?
Twin side braids with high curly pony
Effortless, loose half-braid pigtails

Twin half-up frenchbraids
Beachy mermaid-waves (this literally takes five minutes!)

upside down french braid high curly pony

Half-up twin top knots

Twin half-up frenchbraids
loose half-braid pigtails

Back to School in Style!

It's that time of year! Summer is slowly winding down and the school supplies are out. If you are like me and don't want to be picking through all of the 'supply leftovers' after they are picked over then the time to shop for school supplies is NOW! Like literally right now...
I must admit that this year I did most of Daphnie's school shopping online. We have been so busy trying to fit in as many summer activities as we can before school is back in session...that I knew it would be hard to get out to actually shop. 
Here are our a few of Daphnie's must-haves for her back to school style! {this blog contians affiliate links even though all opinions are our own. please read our policies for more information}
Backpacks If you follow along you probably know by now that we are pretty big fans of Joyfolie! This year they have the cutest backpacks, I mean who doesn't need velvet, gold sequins and leather tassles all on one bag!?
For a little less girly and more sp…

Daphnie's Magical Unicorn Birthday Pool Party

One of my many hobbies is party planning! I get to do it once a year for Daphnie's birthday and we have so much fun doing it! This year the theme was Unicorns, which are all the rage at the moment. I love how everything turned out! 

Daphnie's Outfit: As soon as I saw this dress launch on Joyfolie's site (here) I knew it was going to be perfect for her party, and for every day for the rest of the summer pretty much! The fabric is amazing, so soft and comfortable. Perfect for warm summer days! Buy it here: Joyfolie

The Cake: I learned a LOT making this cake. This is round 2; I made a practice cake for her actual birthday. The decorations on the first one were better, but cake/smoothing was better on this if I could just put everything I learned when making each together, I might actually have a pretty decent cake!  Since I am absolutely horrible at fondant, I tried my hand at buttercream smoothing, this one turned out really well and I really like it! I will definit…