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Child Modeling 101: Headshots

We just returned from our trip to NYC. This trip was soley based around getting Daphnie an updated set of headshots. I have been following the photographer I chose for months and absolutely loved her style and thought that she could shoot Daphnie and give her an advantage in her portfolio with some new headshots.

Munching on some Goldfish™ while getting hair and make-up by the adorable Tiffany Reeder

I chose Elizabeth Pettey. She is an incredible photographer and definitely was my first pick for headshots! Her pictures are gorgeous and vibrant. The children always look as if you just granted all of their wishes and still have lingering stars in their eyes. They are so full of pure joy formed into glistening rainbows that appear to splash beautiful color throughout the photo.
I have heard a lot of opinions on professional headshots and whether or not they are necessary for children since their looks are ever-changing. I, personally think they are necessary. We have not been in the industry for very long, but so far we have gotten a set of headshots every year and as her tooth situation changes I send our agent some recent snapshots.

Daphnie 2016 headshots shot by Elizabeth Weismann Daphnie 2017 shot by me!

It is important to keep your child's pictures and portfolio as updated as you can. Casting Directors typically are looking for a specific 'look' when they cast children. If your headshots aren't up to date your portfolio may show a specific look that they are searchinf for, but when you go to the audition your child's looks have changed and possibly won't meet the 'vision' of the director anymore resulting in your time being wasted. On the other hand, if your headshots are outdated and a casting director is looking for a child that looks like your child looks now, but the old headshots are different, then you likely won't get chosen for an audition.

Okay, so now we've determined headshots are a good thing. So let's talk about choosing a photographer!

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography

A child photographer is typically different than other photographers. It is possible that family photographers or fashion photographers can also be great child photographers. Here are the qualities that I look for and why, {not necessarily in this order}

1. Patient
Have you ever pulled out your phone or camera to take a picture of your child and they have 'ants in their pants' and not able to stay still? Typically during the capture-worthy moments, they are excited and there's a lot going on and the last place they want to look sometimes is at the camera. A good child photographer will be patient and will have techniques to wait for the perfect shot!

2. Friendly and Out-Going 
 Even the most out-going child has their moments of shyness, I know this because Daphnie is extremely out-going, but when put into a weird place, and depending on her mood at the moment she can have lapses of shyness. I'm sure with all children this occurs especially when they are in strange places and with people they aren't familiar with. It's so helpful if the photographer can quickly become 'friends' with your child.

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography

3. Silly 
 When looking for a good photographer, I like to see how they work with other children. If they can talk in silly voices and make weird faces and ask funny questions while shooting your child, they are going to be able to capture some great faces! The more natural your childs smiles and faces are, the better the pictures will turn out!

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography

4. Incredible Photography Skills 
 Obviously you want some great pictures of your little star, and to get those you need a good photographer. I have a pretty good camera and know my way around photoshop a little; but in absolutely no way do I see myself as a professional photographer. A 'mom with a camera' or 'dad with a camera' are no comparison to a truly skilled photographer.

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography
Headshots do not need to be expensive. I would definitely do your research and make sure that what you are paying for is worth it. Make sure the quality is there and that the photographer can get your child to respond and make great photos!

I haven't seen Daphnie's headshots just yet, but from our experience with Elizabeth Pettey, I am very confident that they are going to be incredible! Keep an eye out on Daphnie's Instagram, I am sure to be posting them as soon as I receive them!  {can't wait!}

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography
We just love Elizabeth! She's definitely on our favorite human list! {should I make a blog of our favorite humans?! lol}

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography

Headshots Elizabeth Pettey Child Photographer Photography

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