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How to Make Pinterest-Worthy Unicorn Cake Pops

How to Make Pinterest-Worthy Unicorn Cake Pops{Notice - I am in no way shape or form a professional baker. I am also not affiliated with or paid by any of the brands listed below to write this recipe/blog.}

When your daughter wants a Unicorn Birthday Party and you go onto Pinterest to find all of the cutest little unicorn cakes, cupcakes and cake pops - not sure about you all - but I simply HAVE to at the very least attempt to make them.  They turned out so cute and really didn't take a terrible amount of time to do!
Here's what I used and where to find them:
1 -  Box Cake - I used Pilsbury Funfetti (makes the cake pops look fun inside).  1 - Can of Frosting - I used Pilsbury Cream Cheese fosting. 2 - 10oz Bag of White Chocolate Ghiradelli Melting Wafers (Target) Food Coloring Icing - Decorating Bags Small Star-Icing Tip (Michaels) Cake Pop Sticks (I used Cookie sticks by Wilton from Michaels) 1 - Wilton Edible Marker - Black (Michaels) 1 - 4.4oz Wilton Preferred Fondant in Whi…
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The Legal Stuff Each state is different on what it requires you to do/have before your child can start working. At a minimum your little will need a work permit in the state that he/she will be working in. You can check your state laws on your state's labor website, your agent should have told you this when/before you signed so check your paperwork. The next most common thing is a Trust account. Your kiddo is making the dough and some states (such as New York) believe that they deserve at…

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

As a mom for almost seven years now, I feel like a veteran {just kidding, I know I'm no where close...those teen years may do me in}.  In these past seven years I've been so blessed in the wonderful gifts that I've received. I have seen and heard of a fair share of pretty awful gifts to other moms though, so I thought I'd help you all out with a little gift guide for Mother's Day this year!

Mother's Day is on May 14th, 2017 this year which is only TWO WEEKS from today! So you should definitely start planning what you are going to do for those special Moms in your life. 
No matter what you do or buy for your Mom {or Mom of your kiddos}, she will love it and smile warmly just knowing that you thought of her. {she may be the one person where 'it's the thought that counts' actually pertains} It's not always about what you buy but sometimes what you do for her. 
Here are a few ideas:
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Summer Trends Buying Guide for Your Little Fashionista!

The weather is becoming more consistently warm here now which means it's time to break out the summer clothes! I've started pulling Daphnie's summer wardrobe up from the basement, sorting through it and deciding what still fits and if it is 'her style' anymore. {I don't remember having any style when I was her age!} The first time I remember caring about my style was in the 4th grade. I had class with a girl who had the coolest clothes, we were instant best friends. {We formed the Spice Girls club together...annnnd ya...blonde hair...I was Baby Spice.}  We were the coolest...
ANYWAY. My daughter has way more style than I had. Ever. And with such style comes the desire for lots of new clothes. So I thought I would put together a guide for what she is loving this season and where she loves to shop the most!

1. Overalls There is nothing cuter than overalls right now. I'm loving the skirt overalls and short-alls. Check out these cute styles!

2. Off-the-S…