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Summer Trends Buying Guide for Your Little Fashionista!

The weather is becoming more consistently warm here now which means it's time to break out the summer clothes! I've started pulling Daphnie's summer wardrobe up from the basement, sorting through it and deciding what still fits and if it is 'her style' anymore. {I don't remember having any style when I was her age!} The first time I remember caring about my style was in the 4th grade. I had class with a girl who had the coolest clothes, we were instant best friends. {We formed the Spice Girls club together...annnnd ya...blonde hair...I was Baby Spice.}  We were the coolest...
ANYWAY. My daughter has way more style than I had. Ever. And with such style comes the desire for lots of new clothes. So I thought I would put together a guide for what she is loving this season and where she loves to shop the most!

1. Overalls There is nothing cuter than overalls right now. I'm loving the skirt overalls and short-alls. Check out these cute styles!

2. Off-the-S…

Child Modeling 101: Headshots

We just returned from our trip to NYC. This trip was soley based around getting Daphnie an updated set of headshots. I have been following the photographer I chose for months and absolutely loved her style and thought that she could shoot Daphnie and give her an advantage in her portfolio with some new headshots.

I chose Elizabeth Pettey. She is an incredible photographer and definitely was my first pick for headshots! Her pictures are gorgeous and vibrant. The children always look as if you just granted all of their wishes and still have lingering stars in their eyes. They are so full of pure joy formed into glistening rainbows that appear to splash beautiful color throughout the photo. I have heard a lot of opinions on professional headshots and whether or not they are necessary for children since their looks are ever-changing. I, personally think they are necessary. We have not been in the industry for very long, but so far we have gotten a set of headshots every year and as h…

Sunday Afternoon with Daphnie's Favorite Doll Stroller by Triokid™

There is nothing I love more than spending a nice relaxing Sunday with my family. It isn't terribly often that we get them, but when we do it's amazing! We got to have one of these ever-illusive days last weekend.

Everywhere we go Daphnie always wants to take a few different toys with us. So before we go anywhere Daphnie turns into a mini-auctioneer and starts her bidding high with the number of toys that MUST join us from her perspective and we debate down and down until we get to a reasonable number of usually 2. So on this sunday she requested to bring her new doll stroller from Triokid™ along with her BittyBaby™. I thought this would be the perfect day to bring along a baby stroller, so I agreed.

When the stroller first came in a few weeks ago, I was so excited! It was delievered right as I was leaving to pick Daphnie up from school. I couldn't wait for Daphnie to see it, so I hurried up and put it together so it would be sitting there waiting for her when we ret…